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GW Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

A small independent wildlife rescuer & rehabber based in south east Scotland

GW Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation is run by Graeme who is an experienced and trained wildlife rehabber. He has cared for a variety of wildlife over the years. Some rescues have only stayed with him for a short period before being released or transferred to a wildlife rescue centre. Some rescues are in care for a longer period before being released either to give them time to recover or because conditions are not suitable for release. 

Updates and details of wildlife in care are posted on the 

GW Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Facebook page.


Income from GW Ecology supports the work of GW Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation but individuals and organisations have the opportunity to support the work too.

An easy way to give support is via Easyfundraising.

 Easyfundraising partners with over 7,500 brands who will donate part of what you spend to a cause of your choice. It won't cost you any extra. The cost is covered by the brand.

It is easy to sign up and if you install the easyfundraising app on your phone and the donation reminder extension on your browser you will be asked if you want to activate donation whenever you buy from one of the over 7,500 brands signed up to give. 

Go to GW Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation easyfundraising page to sign up. It is easy and costs you nothing but you help a good cause.


Another way to support is to buy something from 

GW Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation's Amazon Wildlife Rescue Wishlist.

Alternatively you could contribute towards Graeme's expenses. He clocks up a fair amount of mileage travelling to pick up rescues and returning them for release. He sometimes has to pay for vet costs too. You can make a contribution via PayPal:

Meet some of the rescues

GW Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Supported by:

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