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As well as the professional work of GW Ecology Graeme also develops his own wildlife projects and undertakes other voluntary work such as wildlife rehabilitation.

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My Wildlife Year

My Wildlife Year is a project where Graeme shares wildlife experiences, reviews of equipment & books, useful hints & tips and more via YouTube and social media.

My Wildlife Year YouTube Channel

My Wildlife Year Facebook Page

My Wildlife Year Instagram Feed

My Wildlife Year Twitter Feed

My Wildlife Year TikTok

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Graeme's Wildlife Project

A project to encourage Graeme's local community to discover and record the wildlife around them.

Graeme's Wildlife Project Facebook Group


Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Graeme is an experienced and trained wildlife rehabber. He has cared for a variety of wildlife over the years both short and long term. Some rescues have only stayed with him for a short period before being released or transferred to a wildlife rescue centre. Some rescues have been in care for a longer period before being released.

Graeme funds his wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work himself. If you wish to support this work please consider buying something from Graeme's Amazon Wildlife Rescue Wishlist.

Alternatively you could contribute towards his travel costs as he clocks up a fair amount of mileage travel to pick up rescues and also travelling to return them. You can make a contribution via his PayPal:

During May of 2021 Graeme was involved in two bird rescues at his local primary school. He made a special My Wildlife Year Bird Rescue video.

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